November 19th, Tampa Kappa Leaguers Student Workshop

November 19th, Tampa Kappa Leaguers Student Workshop

The “Know Your Options” workshop defined success as students ability to use the book, “I Don’t Have To Go To College: Discover Well-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A 4-Year College Degree” to pick 2-3 jobs to pursue full-time after high school.

Attendees shared their feedback on their preparedness to create a post-secondary plan, their ability to identify 2-3 jobs, and the workshop’s overall delivery in a post-workshop survey.

When asked about the most useful part of the workshop, students noted:

“Learning How To Figure Out Which Jobs Best Fits Me”

“The knowledge on more opportunities”

“The book”

“I learned something new”

“To know that college is not the only path for a successful lifestyle or way of living ”

60%+ of attendees identified the exact jobs they want to pursue after high school and the level of education involved. 


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